3rd Generation ONT post-launch software upgrade ready

What's happening

At the beginning of May, we notified you that there was a software upgrade on the way to fix the abnormal DHCP behaviour on the 3rd Generation ONTs. While there have been no further reported cases of the issue, we have completed testing of the software fix in the test environment and will shortly begin deployment in production network.

Next steps 

We plan to deploy the upgrade with Nokia in two stages. Initial deployment will be to 978 3rd Generation ONTs. We will then wait five days to observe the upgrade in the production network, during which time you should report any issues or observations.  

If no problems are found, we will then progress the software upgrade with the remainder of the 3rd Generation ONTs in the network over two nights.

Following is the schedule for these upgrades:

  • Friday 28 June at 1am for 978 ONTs
  • Friday 5 July at 1am for 4435 ONTs
  • Saturday 6 July at 1am for 5487 ONTs

Dates are subject to change for operational reasons with confirmation of dates and locations by normal Service Event Notifications channel, with standard 10 business days’ notice.


For any queries please contact your Service Delivery Manager. You’ll find full details of abnormal DHCP behaviour in earlier update and you’ll find a copy of this update on the service provider website.