Multi-CLNE API release: Line Test v2.0

In June, we informed you that we are building better support for multiple ONT types in our network. We consulted with you on your requirements and have taken your feedback on board.

The first change that we are deploying to support this capability is a new major release of the Line Test API, which will give you enriched information about intact ONTs at a premises. The same capability will be available through the Portal and B2B in 2020. We’ll update you with further information when the date of the release will be confirmed.

What’s the details?

Line Test API v2.0 is the next evolution of the current Line Test API v1.0. This API will provide you with enriched ONT information; consisting of ONT type, ONT model, ONT working mode, installed resources, and other similar details.

The official launch date is January 2020; however this API will be made available for development and testing on 1 November. All future development will go into v2.0. 

This update also serves as notice for the beginning of the 90 days consultation period to provide feedback on the decommissioning of Line Test API v1.0. Please submit feedback through industry forums or your account team by 8 January 2020. 

Line Test API V1.0 will remain available and supported until it is officially decommissioned at a date we will advise after the consultation period. If you are currently using v1.0 then it should only require a few small changes to adapt to v2.0.

Supporting information

More detail and supporting documentation for Line Test API v2.0 will be available on the API Developers website from 1 November.


Please contact for any support or any questions or queries on APIs. Alternatively, ask your Service Delivery Manager to arrange a meeting with our API team to go through the change. 


Line Test API