Minor changes to Baseband IP

As a part of our Copper ISAM software upgrade, we’re changing the way Baseband IP digit maps are configured. Don't worry. We don’t expect this to impact you or your customers.

What’s happening?

Last October, we notified you of the latest step to upgrade our Copper ISAM software. We’ll also upgrade the new Baseband IP digit map. It’ll be functionally equivalent, apart from the introduction of one new digit map entry - 0811xx.

What’s the detail?

Digit maps are used by Baseband IP to improve customers’ dialling experience. They allow Baseband IP to determine when a customer has finished dialling, so the call can be initiated. This minimises dialling delay for callers before they hear a ringing or engaged tone.

The ISAM software upgrade changes the way Baseband IP digit maps are stored, requiring them to be rebuilt. These digit maps will be tested extensively, to ensure they match current behaviour and that there’s no impact to your customers.

We’ve also received a request to add one new digit map entry, 0811xx. This will be implemented at the same time.

While we don’t expect any impact to you or your customers, we try to be transparent about the way our network's configured and changed.

The Baseband IP digit map changes will commence production soak testing in April 2017.

Who do I contact?

For more information on the Copper ISAM upgrade’s timings, or to test the digit maps' changes, please contact your service delivery manager.