Introducing our multi-site End User Terms

From 17 April 2017, your business customers can agree to our End User Terms (EUT) across multiple locations, by signing a single document. This streamlines fibre installations for businesses with many premises.

You asked us for a smoother installation process, for large businesses. On site contacts often don’t have the authority to sign End User Terms – resulting in unnecessary delays. As a result, we’ve made some changes to the End User Terms agreement.

The multi-site End User Terms allow businesses to install fibre, without on-site contacts needing to agree to commercial terms, at each installation site. (Note they do still need to sign an installation agreement form).

There will be two variations of the multi-site EUT form available from 17 April 2017: 1. Provides agreement to the EUT, for all sites customer connects to. 2. In addition to the above, it also provides agreement to our MDU terms for all sites a customer owns.

Please contact your account manager with any queries or feedback.