Helping consumers forecast their data needs

Our new micro-site lets consumers estimate their data requirements (now and in the future). Your customers can then make better broadband choices, via

Average monthly data usage continues to grow rapidly, in homes across New Zealand. To help your customers choose the right plan, we’ve developed an online data calculator. It estimates average data usage, based on various key criteria.

The data calculator asks users to confirm: -    the number of home occupants. -    how many devices they have. -    indicate the range of online activities.

It then calculates a household’s monthly data usage. Consumers can then assess your plans, based on their forecasted usage.

We’ll be promoting our data calculator across public channels. As part of our Fairfax content partnership, an article focusing on data usage will run on;, Sunday Magazine, and Your Weekend. It’ll also be promoted via social media and our Chorus blog. All channels will link back to the data calculator