Monthly summary - February 2017

A summary of our communications sent in February.

1 Feb: We're updating our End User Terms

From 1 February 2017, our installation forms with updated End User Terms (EUTs) come into effect. We’ve made it easier for your customers to understand, and cleared up the obligations for all involved. Read the full Informer here.

2 Feb: Our broadband checker's got new features

We’ve been busy incorporating all your feedback into our new checker. You’ll find these new features on, from 8 February 2017. Read the full Informer here.

7 Feb: Change Notification - Reducing delays when NGA's intact

We’re improving your customers’ fibre experience. If they take over a property and find the ONT's power cable missing, we can now courier one directly. Read the full notification here.

9 Feb: We're upgrading our new gigabit services

After consulting many of you at the TCF Product Forum, we’ll be increasing the upstream speed of our top-level plans. Read the full Informer here.

13 Feb: NGA Tail Extension's launching

It’s here. Our new NGA Tail Extension service is available from 24 February 2017. It’s the most cost effective way to extend your NGA coverage - without buying additional backhaul. Read the full Informer here.

16 Feb: Ordering fibre via our older systems is coming to an end

We’re giving you plenty of notice, to ensure you’re prepared. Ordering fibre via our legacy systems ceases on 4 December 2017. Read the full Informer here.

20 Feb: Media Release - Chorus interim FY17 results

Key results:

  • Net profit after tax $66m 
  • EBITDA* $335m
  • Updates to EBITDA and capex guidance
  • Interim dividend of 8.5cps 
  • Total fixed lines decreased by 49,000; broadband connections decreased by 12,000

Read the full Informer here.

21 Feb: Giving you more options at Mt Eden

From 14 May 2017, you’ll be able to deliver UBA, BBIP and HSNS services from Auckland’s Mt Eden exchange. It offers extra colocation space, redundancy and easier access. Read the full Informer here.

27 Feb: Check Mate is ready to roll

Our new app lets you check your customers’ fibre status in real time. We’re rolling it out from 1 March 2017. Read the full Informer here.