Launching NGA Business Premium (Enhanced Bitstream 4)

In August 2018 we launched NGA Business Premium (Enhanced Bitstream 4) commercial trial.

The objective of the commercial trial was:

  • to allow you and your customers to evaluate the enhanced bitstream service
  • to enable Chorus to have greater oversight of installation and provisioning.

The commercial trial will expire on 30 September 2019 and we are pleased to announce that, subject to CIP approval, NGA Business Premium (Enhanced Bitstream 4) will be fully launched on 1 October 2019.

Product details

NGA Business Premium (Enhanced Bitstream 4) is our premium point-to-point business service and is available in Chorus UFB build complete areas (please note property consent may be required).

You’ll find the product details, technical specifications and supporting documentation in the dedicated product page.

Features comparison

Check our business products comparison tool to look at the main features and how it differentiate with other business products such as HSNS Premium.

Key benefits for retail service providers

  • It’s easy to order, manage and configure - you can use the same Chorus ordering portal you already use to order the majority of our ultra-fast broadband (UFB) network services
  • It’s easy to consume - you can use the same handovers you already use to connect to our ultra-fast broadband (UFB) network for Bitstream 2 and 3 services which support resilient handovers using Link Aggregation Grouping (LAG)
  • You can self-assure - get network visibility and ability to do real time connectivity fault management (CFM)
  • Enhanced performance - point-to-point solution with uncontended access bandwidth capacity
  • Speed capability - it supports flexible high and low traffic class symmetrical bandwidth options for premium business applications.
    • Low traffic class supports low cost high burst internet-like applications: 100/100MB to 1/1GB
    • High traffic class supports sustained high performance business applications: 10MB to 1GB
  • It is based on our next generation layer 2 fibre network and has a more comprehensive roadmap of new features and speeds.

Key benefits for your enterprise customers

  • This uncontended access provides reliable high quality performance, which means your customers can work without worrying about their bandwidth and get more done in a workday.
  • Further, if they plan on transitioning to network-based cloud services, rather than hosting their own applications, they’ll need the bandwidth capacity of Ethernet access to avoid performance problems and the resulting effect on productivity.
  • You’ll also have control over network configuration with the flexibility and control to route traffic or allocate bandwidth (voice, internet, data, etc.), depending upon the network needs of specific locations, the applications your customer needs to run and the volumes of users they need to support


You’ll find the rate card here.

Please note that the pricing will remain the same as the commercial trial for both the 100Mbps & 1Gbps plans.

NGA Business Premium (Enhanced Bitstream 4) 1Gbps access in UFB areas has been priced at $395, which is lower than HSNS Premium (Bitstream 4), which is priced at $455.

Our 100Mbps access for HSNS Premium and NGA Business Premium (Enhanced Bitstream 4) are both priced the same at $380.

Incremental charges for bandwidth are:

  • High traffic class: $10 for 10/10MB
  • Low traffic class: $10 for 100/100MB

Connection will be two times monthly rental. Additional installation charges may apply for non-standard builds.  

Next steps

If you have existing commercial trial connections, please liaise with your account team to confirm if you would like to keep these services.

If you do not wish to keep your NGA Business Premium (Enhanced Bitstream 4) connections, please relinquish these connections in the Chorus Portal.

Please continue to use Chorus Portal for any future ordering of the service.


For any queries please contact Darren Kelly, Product Owner - Business Connectivity.