Introducing our new fibre business teams

We know it’s vital to provide your business customers with a great fibre installation experience, especially when their businesses depend on broadband connectivity. So we’ve created new Business Teams to manage these orders exclusively. As a result, you'll see:

  • More certainty on dates communicated.
  • Both you and your customer being better informed, through the entire process.
  • More consistent delivery across all business connections.

What’s changing Business Premium Team: To provide your customers with a premium experience, we’re moving to a case management model for all Bitstream 3/3a orders. This will see every job being managed end-to-end. We’re also bringing in the Manage Agree function.

Business Standard Team: Initially, this team will provide back office support for business customers who have ordered Bitstream 2 products. This gives a business oriented focus throughout the operational process.

A Business Dispatch Team and dedicated Business Technicians are now also available nationwide. This ensures a robust customer experience at the time of installation.

Supporting details

  • Each order is managed end-to-end, to ensure we meet commitments. This starts from order submission, through to when your customer gets service.
  • We validate every order to ensure there's no bouncing between service companies. This includes a call to your business customer to confirm the scope and install times.
  • Pre-readiness calls made the day before the scope and install, to both the service company and your customer. This ensures everything's on track.
  • Dedicated business technicians and dispatch, to ensure a great customer experience. We use the same technician for both visits – reducing the chance of errors.
  • Robust communications to you and your business customer, to ensure you’re well informed through the entire fibre journey.
  • There's no change to your current escalation matrix.
  • Please also allow time for scoping, so we can validate and assign technicians for you.

Next steps Please contact your service delivery manager with any queries or feedback.