Hyperfibre TES launch

In February, we gave official notice that we were going to launch Hyperfibre Tail Extension Service (TES) on 7 May 2022. Are you ready to take advantage of this and expand your Hyperfibre footprint? Using tail extensions, you can provide Hyperfibre services to many more of your fibre customers without having to expand your existing backhaul network.

For Hyperfibre 2000 Mbps (2Gig) and 4000 Mbps (4Gig) plans, we are introducing TES to POIs nationwide. For Hyperfibre 8000 Mbps (8Gig) plans, TES is only available to POIs located in Auckland and Wellington (i.e. Auckland connections to Wellington POIs and vice versa).

We also recently advised of more locations that 8Gig is available. These are now live so you have a bigger customer base that can now take advantage of these speeds.

Pricing will remain as per the update that we sent in February.



If you have any questions about Hyperfibre, TES or how these work together then feel free to check in with your Chorus account team.