Exciting changes to NGA Business Premium

In April, we invited feedback on proposed changes to make NGA Business Premium (aka Enhanced Bitstream 4 or EBS4) even better.

We have reviewed and considered the feedback received and are now confirming the action we will take.   


What’s happening? 

We are pleased to announce 5 new NGA Business Premium glass plans will be launched on 3 October 2022. These 5 plans will have simple and lower pricing – as follows:

  • Launch of 5 new NGA Business Premium glass plans on 3 October 2022: 500Mbps, 1Gbps, 2Gbps, 4Gbps & 10Gbps. Each plan will have High Traffic Class (HTC) bandwidth only. Removing Low Traffic Class (LTC) bandwidth avoids having to tag traffic.
  • Standard installation associated with these 5 new plans charged at 1x monthly rental. This applies  to the primary and load-sharing diverse circuits, for businesses with business resiliency requirements.  

standard installation

  • Simple, lower monthly recurring pricing associated with these five new NGA Business Premium plans – as follows:


Grandfathering notice

  • In launching these 5 new plans in October, with lower one-off and recurring charges compared to existing NGA Business Premium plans, we will commence grandfathering all existing NGA Business Premium plans:

Existing plans

A full list is available under resources

We know several RSP’s have plans to simplify their plans/portfolios and we believe this change will help achieve this goal.  Please consider this announcement as commencement of the 12 months’ notice period to grandfather all existing NGA Business Premium plans. The 12-month period will expire on 4 May 2023 – after that date you won’t be able to order those plans. 

NB – all prices exclude GST. 


Next Steps 

You can continue to order existing NGA Business Premium connections through to 4 May 2023.

We recommend once the 5 new NGA Business Premium glass plans are launched on 3 October 2022, you start to order these.

We will work with you to migrate any existing NGA Business Premium connections to one of these 5 new plans once launched.

If you don’t already consume NGA Business Premium, now is the time to consider it. These 5 new plans, with lower installation and recurring charges, are a great choice for Enterprises wanting symmetrical high traffic class bandwidth, VLAN transparency with optional diversity to satisfy business resiliency requirements.



If you have any questions, please get in touch with Alan Boniface or your Chorus account team.