Hubsite ICABS Offer is ending 31 March

We want to remind you that the Chorus Hubsite ICABS Offer is ending 31 March 2021 and no new connections will be available beyond that date. Standard ICABS charges will be applied to these connections from 1 April 2021.

We launched the Hub Site ICABS offer two years ago so that we could work with you to resolve capacity challenges in some exchanges. Since then we have made a lot of progress and can now offer you several alternatives should you still need connectivity to Chorus products and services in a Spark owned exchange.


Alternative ways you can connect

We now have several alternative ways for you to connect to your handovers at Hubsites. These are:

  1. Chorus Data Centre Connect (CDC) is launching 1 April and you will be able to connect a single Handover to a single CDC service. It is available in MDR from 1 April. We are planning to deploy it to Glenfield, Hamilton Central, and Wellington Central in September.  
  2. We have made Fibre handovers available at seven new locations allowing you alternative locations in many of the main centres. These are: Johnsonville, Lynmore, Massey, North East Valley, Ponsonby, and Stoke. Otumoetai will be available in April.    
  3. We have a Colocation offer in the market providing an incentive of up to $9k for moving a footprint from a Spark site to a Chorus site. This is available from September 2020 to September 2023.  
  4. We now have some spare port capacity at the Spark sites that originally had constraints. However, we cannot guarantee ongoing capacity at a site not owned and operated by Chorus


Next steps

We understand moving can take time and you will need to assess which of the above options is right for you. We therefore would like your feedback on what support you require to take up your preferred option.



Your account representative or SDM will be in touch soon to discuss this with you. If you have immediate feedback, please don’t hesitate to provide this to your account team.