Growing our migrations capability to get more kiwis on fibre

We’re exploring new ways to support your targeted fibre sales, so you have the ability to run fibre uptake campaign to more customers.

We are planning new approaches that extend the reach of our "Manage Fibre Campaign" process by:

  • Supporting targeted sales campaigns for unbuilt right of ways and multi-dwelling units
  • Extending our campaign process to new towns outside of the main centres
  • Continuing to test the scalability of our ‘Fibre Ready’ activity in areas where we have available field resources
  • Partnering with you to move customers to fibre within planned network rearrangement project areas.

Supporting details

Earlier this year we let you know about the work underway to get your customers connected to fibre faster. 

Over the last six months we’ve refined our approach and are now looking to extend the capability into new areas. We are trialling new approaches such as:

  • Accelerating unbuilt rights of way and multi-dwelling unit connections through site assessments ahead of a targeted fibre sales campaign.  It will allow us to reclassify premises that can be connected as a single dwelling unit, equip sales agents with site specific information and shorten connection cycle times
  • Extending the reach of our Managed Fibre campaign process into Taupo, Rotorua, Whakatane and other areas managed by our service company partner, UCG.
  • Increasing the scale of our Chorus-led ‘fibre ready’ activity where we leave your customers connected to their existing service, but also build their fibre intact. It allows them to connect to fibre whenever they’re ready. Our published list of ‘fibre ready’ addresses now has ~2,600 ‘fibre ready’ premises available for you to connect.
  • Partnering with you to move customers to fibre within planned network rearrangement project areas - such as community beautification initiatives, power over-head to underground projects and restoration after natural disasters. We intend to trial an approach under development with a TCF (New Zealand Telecommunications Forum) working party to manage the migration of as many people as possible onto fibre within these project areas.

Next steps

Get access to the latest information on our trials and ‘fibre ready’ addresses by getting in touch with your service delivery manager so you don’t miss the opportunity to participate in any of our planned trials.

Track the development of the TCF Copper Migration Code through your product forum representative at the working party.