Grandfathering BOOST VDSL

Effective 14 November 2018, we will be grandfathering BOOST VDSL.

Standard Consumer VDSL remains available and it will not be grandfathered.


What’s changing? 

Grandfathering level 1 means: 

  • No new customers may obtain the product
  • Existing customers can keep the instances of the product they already have
  • If an existing customer moves they cannot keep the product
  • Existing customers cannot order more instances of the product

If you order a new connect of BOOST VDSL after the grandfathering dates, the price and services associated to the plan might have changed. We will also formally withdraw BOOST VDSL in one year from today, on 14 June 2019.


Supporting details

While it is not mandatory to move your customers at this stage, we strongly recommend that you take this opportunity to discuss fibre services with them.

Alternatively, if you bulk migrate any lines from BOOST VDSL to Consumer VDSL, there is a very straightforward bulk migration process we can assist you with. Your Service Delivery Manager will be in contact with you soon to discuss migration options.


Next steps

If you have customers with the BOOST VDSL plan today, contact your Service Delivery Manager.