Fault restoration - network verification is now available via TechMate and CheckMate

We are replacing the manually completed Network Verification Form (NVF) with an online TechMate test results, which are available to the service providers, for copper and fibre fault restoration and no fault found verification.

What’s the details

Chorus has built automated tools to provide its staff and service providers with the ability to test both copper and fibre bitstream connections. These tools are known as TechMate by technicians and CheckMate by service providers.

When a fault is restored, or no fault is found, the technician will complete a TechMate test to confirm that the Service is either restored to specification or is operating to specification and was a No Fault Found.  These TechMate test results are available to the service providers via either the CheckMate front end or the Chorus Assure Portal and will provide confidence that service is operating to specification.  This also does away with the need for a manually completed Network Verification Form (NVF). 

Using either access method service providers can either look at the test history of the line. Or, alternatively, you can just use the test number from OUT and the test results will be displayed.

Please note that in is some mainly rural areas without mobile coverage TechMate is not available and in those instances an NVF will still be produced and be available if required.

Technician use of test tool is monitored and subject to compliance reporting.

Example of NVF and replacement TechMate screen shot: 




Next steps & contact

Get in touch with your Chorus Account Lead or Service Delivery Manager if you have any questions or wish to provide feedback on the use of TechMate results.