Copper Connect Offer launches 1 February 2019 – sign up now!

Our new Copper Connect offer makes it easy for you to partner with us to grow your connection base. From 1 February through to 30 April 2019 we’ll be supporting you to get more Kiwis onto the best available Chorus copper broadband services.

Get your customers on Chorus’ copper best

We want to get Kiwis on to the best available Chorus broadband service where Chorus fibre is not available, and our Copper Connect offer will help achieve this. Having taken on board your feedback following our recent consultation, the Copper Connect Offer is available to you in non-fibre areas (rest of New Zealand), Local Fibre Company areas and some future UFB2 build planned (2020 and later) areas.  Please refer to the Geographical Areas provided in the Copper Connect areas list documents.


You will receive a credit for each new connection, upgrade, transfer with an upgrade with every order you submit which meet the criteria. To see the plans and business rules for this offer please see the offer letter.

The key criteria for the Copper Connect Offer include:

  • $200 credit contribution for new connections to the best available Chorus copper broadband, where an address has been disconnected from our network for 3 months or longer
  • $100 credit contribution upgrades, transfers with an upgrade, and new connections where an address has been disconnected from our network for less than 3 months or migrated from a layer 1 service (e.g. UCLL or Basedband)
  • Transaction costs will be waived on eligible connections
  • A marketing activity plan must be submitted to determine agreed geographical areas that you will target and which we will support
  • Eligible connections must meet the offer criteria that is detailed in the offer letter
  • A pro rata repayment period of up to 12 months from the date of service given will apply for disconnections or downgrades
  • Support is available when required to upgrade customers to a VDSL plan.

The offer period will be valid from 1 February until 30 April 2019.


We’ve also just launched some new initiatives under our Market Development Fund (MDF). One of these initiatives could provide you with financial support to promote VDSL in conjunction with this offer, check it out.