Annual changes to standard terms determinations and related pricing for copper services

Changes to annual final pricing principles (FPP) service recurring charges, non-recurring standard terms determinations (STD) charges and any consequential changes to our commercial charges for colocation and baseband will take effect from 16 December 2018.


What's changing?

The Commerce Commission’s final FPP decisions set annual price changes to the recurring charges for the following services:

  • Unbundled bitstream access (UBA)
  • Unbundled copper local loop (UCLL)
  • Unbundled copper low frequency (UCLFS)
  • Sub loop unbundling (SLU).


The Commerce Commission also approved on 2 November 2018 a number of price changes for the non-recurring charges for our regulated copper services to allow for adjustments in line with movements in labour cost inflation, producer price inflation and Chorus’ input costs. Those changes impact the following STD services:

  • UBA
  • UBA backhaul
  • UCLL
  • UCLL and UCFLS co-location
  • UCLL and UCFLS backhaul
  • SLU
  • SLU co-location
  • SLU backhaul.



A summary of all the price changes is available here.

Our pricing rate and Chorus service agreement price lists will be updated to reflect the new prices before the effective date of each price change (16 December 2018) and the price book will reflect the new prices in the month of each price change.

You can also visit the Commerce Commission website to review the relevant approval for the change and updated STD contracts.


Next steps 

For any queries please contact your account lead.