Co-location CPI adjustments

In November 2020, we indicated that a CPI increase for certain co-location charges would take effect from February 2021. 

Unfortunately, the notice didn’t provide sufficient detail as to which specific charges were being adjusted. We apologise for the error and any confusion caused and are now providing more detail on those specific charges. The new charges will take effect from 7 October 2021

Where we’ve applied a CPI increase from February without sufficient detail in the notice, we’ll issue a credit for the applicable period.


What’s changing

A delayed CPI increase of 1.44% will be taking effect from 7 October 2021 for the following Co-location products:

  • Exchange Space Co-location
  • Third Party Access and Distribution
  • EdgeCentre Co-location
  • Wireless Co-location
  • UCLF Co-location

The full list of prices being updated is in the attached spreadsheets (see resources below)

Our pricing rate card and applicable price lists will be updated to reflect the new prices before the effective date (7 October 2021).

If you have any questions, please contact your Account Team.