Bringing fibre to the desktop

Passive Optical LAN is being rolled out to commercial buildings in Europe. It uses fibre instead of traditional copper, to bring high bandwidth applications to every work desk. There are significant cost savings - for both CAPEX and OPEX. It's a scalable, reliable and secure technology.

Being fibre-based, it's also future-proof. Installation into buildings is easier and faster than with comparable coax cables. There's also no interference issues when run alongside power cables. The need for on-site server rooms is also reduced.

At this talk, you’ll hear about its advantages and challenges to roll this out to New Zealand’s offices. Join Environment Canterbury (which adopted Passive Optical LAN in 2011), New Zealand and international industry leaders in a panel discussion. They'll discuss how Passive Optical LAN revolutionises how New Zealanders work.

Following the talk, attendees will have a hands-on demonstration of Passive Optical LAN in the Lab. Numbers are limited to 50, so register now to avoid disappointment.

Panellists Alan Warne - Team Leader ICT Operations, Environment Canterbury  Peter Vandaele - Technical Programme Manager, Nokia Craig Young - CEO, Telecommunications Association of New Zealand (TUANZ) Martin Sharrock - Head of Network Technology, Chorus

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