Predicting VDSL connection speeds

Our new tool gives a more accurate estimate of VDSL connection speeds, prior to a consumer upgrading.

Information generated by the tool will be integrated into the Broadband Checker’s next beta release - due mid-April. We’re aiming to update the production version at the end of April. We’ll also include estimates in your footprint report from May onwards. What’s happening? We’ve invested in best-practice tools to better estimate potential VDSL connection speeds. This enables upfront conversations with your customers about the anticipated benefits of upgrading. What’s the detail? We want New Zealanders upgrading to the best broadband possible. Research shows that customers on faster broadband are happier, and less likely to churn.

Our new tool looks at your customers’ current broadband connections, and uses both network data and algorithms to estimate VDSL speeds on our network. The information generated by this tool will also be used to improve the VDSL predicted upstream / downstream speeds in the All service capability by SAM report.

The tool improves prediction accuracy, where customers have a working broadband connection. If a prediction isn’t available from this tool, we’ll try to estimate the speed your customers could get on our network, based on their copper type and distance. Based on your feedback, we’ll no longer use shape file data to indicate whether VDSL is available.

Should your customer visit the Broadband Checker using ADSL from their address, it’ll estimate the VDSL connection speed on our network.

We’ll always look at improving our VDSL speed predictions and will roll out further changes over the next few months. This includes adding these speed prediction to OO&T / B2B prequalification, and introducing a new API.

Who do I contact? Please contact your service delivery manager with any queries or feedback.