Annual adjustment for copper services and certain colocation charges

On 2 November, we  notified you of our annual adjustment for copper services and certain colocation charges. The Commerce Commission has now approved the adjustments to the regulated copper services.

The regulated copper services changes will take effect on 16 December 2020 (for regulated services and for baseband) and 11 February 2021 (for certain commercial services and colocation charges).

What’s happening

We are required to adjust charges annually for services subject to standard terms determinations (STDs) following Commerce Commission approval.  This year, the process involves applying a CPI price increase of 1.44% to the core and ancillary charges for the following services will take effect from 16 December 2020:

  • Unbundled bitstream access (UBA)
  • Unbundled copper low frequency (UCLF)
  • UBA backhaul
  • UCLF colocation
  • UCLF backhaul.

We will also adjust pricing by CPI for certain copper services provided under our commercial agreements (the CSA and WCSA), as well as certain colocation charges.   You can check out a full list of the new charges in the resource section below. Those changes will take effect 11 February 2021 (with the exception of baseband, which flows through from UCLF and will take effect 16 December 2020).

What’s changing

Our pricing rate card and applicable price lists have been updated to reflect the new prices before the effective date of each price change (16 December 2020 or 11 February 2021) and the price book will reflect the new prices in the month of each price change.

The Commerce Commission website will also set out the relevant approval for the changes to charges for regulated services.


For any queries please contact your Account manager.