2022 CSA – Changes to the UFB Services Agreement


We kicked off the transition process with you in October 2020 to identify and agree what changes should be considered for our contractual terms for fibre services. 

Earlier this year we confirmed that we were narrowing the scope of the changes under consideration and would rely on the Required Change process to implement these essential regulatory changes.  

We have now received CIP approval of the changes to the General Terms and have issued formal notice for these changes to take effect 1 January 2022 along with the consequential changes to the Service Descriptions, Service Level Terms, Price List and Operations Manuals to reflect the end of CIP’s role and the removal of Price Caps. 


Next steps 

You can find the updated documents on our dedicated webpage. This includes a copy of the formal notice, updated General Terms, plus the amended supporting documents. 

You do not need to do anything; we will publish the clean updated documentation in late December, replacing the current UFB Services Agreement effective from 1 January 2022. 



If you have any questions, please reach out to your account team or Roxinne McCord