2022 CSA – Final mark-up


In July we provided a customer update which included a summary of the feedback we received on the draft mark-up of the general terms. We are now able to share the final mark-up with you.


The details

The final mark-up of the general terms can be viewed here. Our next step is seeking CIP approval, prior to providing formal notice to you.

For completeness, this table provides an overview of the flow-on changes for supporting documents.

We want to thank you for your contribution throughout this transition process. While these changes are minimal and are designed to ensure a fit for purpose agreement for 1 January 2022, we are open to a wider review once the Commerce Commission’s Retail Service Quality review is complete and a decision on approach finalised.


Next steps

We will be seeking CIP’s formal approval of the final mark-up. Once approval is gained, we will come back to you with formal notice for the changes to take effect.



If you have any queries, please contact us at