2019 UBA operations manual review

Clause 9 of the UBA STD General Terms requires Chorus to undertake a review of the UBA Operations Manual every 24 months. The next review is due to start this month. 

We seek suggested changes from you on sections of the UBA Operations Manual for review by 28 February 2020. 

Once we’ve got all your feedback we will review and if necessary, convene an industry meeting to discuss.

Please note that:

  • we will have to submit any proposed change to the UBA STD Operations Manual that arises from the review to the Commerce Commission copying in Access Seekers.
  • even if our view is that the UBA STD will not apply in Specified Fibre Areas (SFAs) once these are declared, we have committed to the Commission to continue to provide existing UBA services in SFAs in compliance with the STD terms until either the Commission finalises the Copper Withdrawal Code or 30 June 2020, whichever is earlier. Further detail on our commitment is set out in our letter to the Commission of 13 June 2019 which is available on the Commission’s website.


Please contact Alan Mitford-Taylor with any queries or feedback.