Service Performance Manager (SPM) is a powerful range of diagnostic and troubleshooting tools. This allows you to resolve a range of end user problems, at that first phone call - without having to contact us.

To troubleshoot an end user’s fault you will need to:

  • Verify the line to ensure you’re the service provider
  • Confirm the current state of the services on the line via the Line State Diagnostic (LSD) test. This test will run automatically once the line has been verified
  • Select a test from the options provided once the LSD test is completed. This list will vary depending on the billing number/service number and services that have been provisioned on the line. For information on running each test see the following service groupings:
    • Broadband and data
    • Baseband IP

To access SPM, log in to the Chorus Gateway. Once you have logged in to the Chorus Gateway the main menu screen displays, click launch under troubleshoot to launch SPM.

Short Description
Diagnostic and troubleshooting tools
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