Our latest product roadmaps, initiatives and launches

Times are changing and technology is evolving more rapidly than we can possibly imagine.

To support the demand and the growth of the New Zealand market, we are focused on building innovative products and new propositions, and by improving our customer experience.

We want to keep you informed of our upcoming initiatives as we prepare to launch them. You’ll find on this page our latest products ideas, on-going consultations and related product initiatives.

We recognise that it is important to understand your needs and those of your customers before we build future products. We want you to be part of our product development journey from the start, so don’t miss the opportunity to contribute to our on-going fibre products consultation programme.


Our latest product roadmaps:

We have moved to an agile roadmap view for product development initiatives, to better reflect the status of each initiative, and to allow us to surface longer-term ideas to you for ongoing dialogue and discussion.

We have retained the calendar roadmap view for offers and product lifecycle changes, to give you more certainty on the known timing for these. 

Our latest product roadmaps are below (publication date: September 2021). 

For more details, please refer to this update


Previous roadmaps:  

  • September 2021 roadmaps available here.
  • May 2021 roadmaps are available here.
  • February 2021 roadmaps are available here.

*Please note these roadmaps excludes network and IT changes, initiatives and promotions, and changes to our process and customer experience. Specific releases and availabilities will be announced via our industry updates.

If you any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your account team.

Roadmaps are available in both agile and calendar formats: 

Consumer connectivity roadmap

Business connectivity roadmap

Networks connectivity roadmap