Our coverage maps give you access to detailed information on the availability of our access services and location of network elements. You can compare different areas, use design tools and download information to help you shape your marketing and network investment plans.

Our Coverage Maps provide you with information on:

  • NGA availability with weekly updates
  • RBI and UFB schools and major health facilities - RBI 2 information will be available soon
  • RBI year 1 to 5 cabinets and availability. RBI 2 information coming soon as well as the functionality that was in the old data coverage maps tool
  • Location information - including details of exchanges and cabinets and cabinet polygon
  • Visibility of current and future coverage of our data products You can now search up to 500 addresses at one time and export the information into a spreadsheet for further analysis. A login is required. Your data coverage maps login will work, otherwise email  Wialus  to request a login.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact your Service Delivery Manager. 


Existing Chorus customers, please log in below to access our Chorus Coverage Maps tool.