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A trial of doing door knocking differently

We’re trialling outbound calling to generate ‘Intact Orders’ for you to connect

Considering the current Covid-19 alert level restrictions, we want to help continue to connect customers while keeping our technicians and customers safe. We will trial calling customers who have intact copper or fibre connections and currently don’t have an active connection with Chorus, to educate them on their options to connect with no technician visit required.

We are starting this trial today calling around 600 households. Our aim is to educate the householder around how they can easily connect to fibre or copper-based broadband without the need for a technician to visit their home.

This trial will run for up to five working days and Chorus will:

  • educate customers that they have an option to connect to a fibre or copper connection without requiring a tech visit
  • carry out ONT checks if customer is interested, to reduce any potential failed connections
  • if interested direct customers to their preferred broadband provider or to check or for a comparison of different plans available. 

More details on our updates page.