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Fibre. It's how we internet now.

Launching on Sunday 16 August our latest fibre campaign is focused on normalising and building desire for fibre – particularly for a last adopters. 

Running across TV, video on demand, outdoor, digital advertising, social, search and radio. The campaign layers all work collectively to highlight the need for better broadband, and demonstrating why fibre is the best option positioning fibre as the new normal and demonstrating the everyday benefits.

We appreciate the current uncertainty around alert levels and the launch of this campaign. If lockdown restrictions increase or extend, we will ease off on our more directive advertising that prompts a customer to contact their provider. 

The TV and out of home layers of this campaign are created to build awareness of the benefits of fibre and we think they are important to maintain at any level. Through experience in the previous lockdowns where we ran our brand and fastest fibre campaigns, they did not drive any undue pressure during lockdown but did support a quick recovery to BAU once lockdown restrictions were lifted. 

This fibre awareness and desire building activity can help support your offer-based advertising.

Click HERE for full details on our updates page including media schedules and creative.