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Fibre-in-a-Day: ‘Inside out’ trial outcomes and preparation for 27 May launch

We’re working toward our goal of 75% of fibre connections being completed in a day.

In February we implemented system changes in Chorus Portal to identify locations where Fibre-in-a-day is possible to support the correct expectation setting with your customer. On 27 May, we will increase the number of premises that show in the Chorus Portal as eligible to connect to fibre within a single appointment 

We also advised in February that we would begin trialling an ‘Inside Out Install’ exception management process for Fibre-in-a-day orders. We have completed trials and have shared the outcome below which has resulted in the ‘Inside Out Install’ exception management process being de-coupled from 27 May launch.

What’s changing

The ‘Inside Out Install’ exception management process is where the fibre install requires two visits but the customer may not be required to be present for the second outside visit.

Our intention was to trial the ‘Inside Out Install’ exception process over 3 weeks from 20 February. In order to capture enough examples to make an informed decision the trial was extended an additional 4 weeks through to 9 April.

Whilst we are confident the trial has proven the process does work, and customers believe it is a useful option; the low use of the process as well as feedback from our technicians has shown us the need to provide more information and training so technicians have the confidence to discuss the ‘Inside Out Install’ option.

Given the need for more information and training, we have decided to decouple the ‘Inside Out Install’ process from the Fibre-in-a-day launch. Meanwhile we will work with our service partners to refine process and revisit ‘Inside Out Install’ timing once the Fibre-in-a-day model is embedded. We will keep you informed of process.