User Authentication for Service Performance Manager (SPM)

On the first of June we informed you of the shutdown of the user access for Service Performance Management (SPM) via the Chorus Gateway with a planned migration of users starting from 2 August 2021 across to accessing SPM via the new user website.

Unfortunately, we have experienced delays in this migration which means it will now occur in the later part of 2021. We will provide further details of the migration window once it is confirmed.


Change details 

Last year, many of the testing functions that were provided by SPM were deployed on the Assurance Website for RSP’s, leaving a small amount of functionality such as Mailbox Management and functions such as Call Diverts remaining on SPM.

This change will require users who still need SPM access these remaining functions to go to a new URL and have a new username and password for each RSPs circuits, as it works today with SPM.



Please let your Service Delivery Manager if you have any questions.