Upgrading VDSL via vectoring

Vectoring is a VDSL enhancement that increases the speed and stability of a connection. We’re proposing to install it in areas where our fibre isn’t planned, as part of our copper network’s lifecycle management.

What’s changing

Vectoring would be applied to every VDSL-enabled port in applicable areas. If your customers have a compatible modem, they’ll receive a much greater synch rate. The new cards will also improve noise performance. This change is being discussed at the Telecommunications Forum (TCF).

What's the detail?

Vectoring reduces the impact of cross talk and interference on copper cables. It enables better performance from a VDSL line, with your customers seeing higher line speeds and greater stability.

Please note that vectoring only provides improvements for customers with compatible modems. We believe the majority of modems are at least partially compatible, based on our lab tests. A fully compatible modem sees improvements in both directions, while a partially compatible modem sees a downstream improvement. An incompatible modem sees no change.

We’ll also introduce G.INP to VDSL and ADSL lines, to improve electrical noise performance. This reduces the impact of impulse noise like switching transients and electric fences.

Documents covering VDSL vectoring are available in the white paper and FAQs, under this page's Resources.

Next steps

We’re consulting with the industry via the TCF, on the implementation of VDSL vectoring and G.INP. We’re proposing to pilot both initiatives on active VDSL lines in Ethernet DSLAMs, within a Christchurch Chorus non-fibre area. The pilot testing here will produce a small outage for your customers as their modem restarts.

After the pilot testing confirms our expected improvements, we propose to roll out VDSL vectoring to all Ethernet DSLAMs in areas without our fibre. Conditional on TCF approval, this should be done by the end of the year.

Your service delivery manager will update you with test timings once confirmed. Contact them (or your TCF representative) for any further queries.