Trialling new compact ONTs for business

We’re trialling a new Bitstream 3/3a Accelerate service for locations where space or power is at a premium. This includes ATMs, traffic lights, cell-sites and data centres. Our new SFP (small form pluggable) ONTs are installed in the customer premises equipment and removes the need for two separate, powered devices.

We’ve started technical trials, with field trials planned for May. This trial’s limited to 1000 connections in total. Subject to Crown Fibre Holding’s approval, we’ll launch in September 2017.

Supporting details

Bitstream SFP 3/3a Accelerate uses our Bitstream 3/3a Accelerate network templates, but with an SFP ONT instead of a standard ONT. This has the following advantages:

  • The SFP ONT is installed in and powered by the host CPE. This reduces the need for additional space and power. It also results in a wider environmental tolerance than a standard ONT.
  • You can use existing Bitstream 3/3a BNG configurations to support the service. However, CPE configurations will need to change.

We also expect this service to be supported on our new Check Mate and Fibre Test Tools API. This API’s currently under construction.

Key objectives of this trial is to collect feedback on:

  1. How you expect to use the service e.g. for non-building access points, data centres or other locations.
  2. Any changes required to the Bitstream Operations Manual to support this service.
  3. The key differences between this service and other reference offer services are:
  • The SFP ONT does not meet the minimum 4 UNI + 2 ATA ONT standard. This means it cannot support ATA voice or secondary offers.
  • As the SFP ONT is integrated with a host CPE device, upstream traffic policy enforcement functions are shared between these devices.
  • Our service demarcation point is internal to the CPE, and thus not directly accessible.

Next steps

Please contact your service delivery manager for queries or trial discussions. The draft service description and trial agreement is in the Resources section on the right.

To sign up, please contact your account manager.