Time running out for fibre installations before the Rugby World Cup

We are now in the home stretch to the Rugby World Cup, with only 16 days until kick-off.

At this point we feel it’s important to note that our fibre build and installation teams are working hard to get everyone connected in time, but there will be some customers who may not have their fibre installation completed before the tournament starts.

What can you do? 

It is important to ensure we collectively set the correct expectation with customers.

If a customer has an appointment booked before the tournament starts, please make sure they are available at the scheduled time. Installation appointments before 20 September are beginning to run out in some parts of the country, so it is critical we make best use of our collective resources to enable a successful customer outcome.

If your customer’s order requires consent or MDU/ROW build, please work with them to ensure they are ready and informed of the process, and available to support completion of the necessary steps. Depending on the complexity of the work to be completed, it is possible the customer may not be connected before the Rugby World Cup, so setting appropriate expectations is important. This can often be due to external factors that we cannot control, such as a neighbour objecting to the scoped plan, council consent delays, bad weather etc.

If a customer wishes to escalate 

Please check whether their escalation request meets Chorus’ standard escalation criteria. If it doesn’t, please do not escalate, but advise your customer that their order will be processed as quickly as possible via our standard procedures.

Remember that VDSL or ADSL are great alternative options, which in many cases can be activated remotely to get your customer connected while they wait for fibre.