Single Fibre Working is available on 10Gbps UFB Handover Connections

Chorus is pleased to announce that Single Fibre Working is now an option on 10Gbps UFB Handover Connections.  


The details

From 5 July, Single Fibre Working is available as an option on new 10Gbps handover connection orders. A draft of the updated service description can be found here. The default type is Dual Fibre Working with Single Fibre Working available upon request. It’s limited to connections that are within 10km of the handover point and is subject to feasibility approval. Should Service Providers wish to use Single Fibre Working, they will need to specify the requirement in the handover feasibility order and any associated DFAS or ICABS orders. The provisioning teams will check distance and port availability.  


Next steps

To prevent a failed install or rejected order, Service Providers must follow the order entry instructions provided in the order guide. Orders with incorrect details will be rejected by the Provisioning teams.



If you have any questions about Single Fibre Working or UFB Handover Connection orders, please talk to your Account Manager.