Sign up to the Better on Business Offer & get ready for the launch of Small Business Fibre

What’s happening

Last week we told you about our confirmed Better on Business Offer and how it’s been designed to support the launch of our new Small Business Fibre product.

The  offer letter is now available for signing up until Friday 28 June 2019.  Our previous update  summarised the terms of the offer, its benefits and why you should sign up.  Full terms and conditions are in the  offer letter.

As noted in the Update the Better on Business incentive offer assumes Crown Infrastructure Partners (CIP) approval of the Small Business Fibre product. We have sought approval of the product from CIP, however customers wanting to adopt Small Business Fibre should factor in the 1 July launch date into their technical development and go to market planning.


What’s the details

Ordering Small Business Fibre

On 1 July 2019 the new Small Business Fibre offers will be available to order by simply logging into the Chorus Portal.  Any customers that are currently ordering Bitstream fibre products from Chorus will automatically be on boarded during the technical deployment process. 

If you currently submit fibre orders to Chorus using the Chorus Portal Business to Business Gateway and you want to order Small Business Fibre, you will need to update any existing integration you have with Chorus with the new Product Offer ID for Small Business Fibre when it becomes available on 1 July.  In the meantime if you wish to submit test orders for Small Business Fibre we will be providing a Product Offer ID for our EMMA Prod test environment on 6 June 2019.  You can access EMMA Prod using the same credentials you use for the Chorus Portal. 

Updates to the Broadband Checker Business

In the lead up to the commercial launch of Small Business Fibre on 1 July 2019, we will be making changes to the Broadband Checker Business on the Chorus Service Provider website as well as the accompanying Broadband Checker Business API to enable the display of addresses where Small Business Fibre will be available.

Please note this is a change that only impacts Service Providers that wish to adopt Small Business Fibre.  If a Service Provider is not ready to sell Small Business Fibre or does not wish implement the change just yet, the existing product set will continue to display on their versions of the Broadband Checker Business.      

Software developers can access the updated API RAML, and version release notes about the minor change for Broadband Checker Business API on the Chorus Mulesoft Exchange Site.  

The API will be updated with the additional information in version v1.2 on 29 June to support the launch of the Small Business Fibre product.

Chorus Portal screen shotBroadband Checker Business

Next steps

Keep an eye out for when we launch these changes and contact your Account Manager if you have any further questions or queries.