Product renaming

Earlier this year we consulted with you on a proposed new naming convention. In May, we then shared a summary of the feedback, what changes we plan to move forward with, and committed to coming back to you with confirmation of the changes – including timeframes.


What’s happening?

Our intent had been to provide notice in July and implement the new naming pre-Christmas 2022, however our latest planning round has confirmed that our IT delivery pipeline is full for the next few months. As a result, we are tentatively looking at May-June 2023 for implementation of these changes. As there are only 6 plans which require renaming to align with the new naming convention, we don’t anticipate any major impacts a s a result of the delay. Please note that as this is a tentative timeframe only the date may change, and we will communicate with you as soon as we have a date confirmed.    


Next Steps

We will communicate further updates by way of a Customer Update as we progress, including formal notice of timing ahead of any changes being made. For reference, full information on what we intend to do can be found here



If you have any queries in the meantime, please contact your account team.