Proactive Multi-Factor Authentication rescheduled

User authentication for Azure single sign-on is a necessary security measure that we use to protect systems and information, and to self-manage password resets. Authentication is currently an optional step when a user account is created. 

We will be implementing mandatory self-service authentication to new users and any existing users from 1 August 2022

Users that haven’t already authenticated their accounts to access our portals and systems will be asked to do so the next time they log in as a one-time event.  A list of the impacted systems can be found here.

To help you manage the number of users you need to contact to set up their authentication, we are going to remove any users that have not logged into any of the above systems in the last 365 days. This will take place on 10 June 2022. A revised list will be available from your account team once this has been completed.

We recommend that you delete any users that no longer need access to a tool or have left your company. Your Activate Administrator can remove them following the process here

We encourage all existing users who have not yet completed their Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) step to do so before it becomes mandatory. Steps to complete the MFA can be found here.



Contact your account team or email for further details.