Our latest Product Roadmaps are live (May 2021)

We’ve updated our Product Roadmaps and Offer/Lifecycle Calendars to reflect the latest progress, and your feedback.

These documents provide you with the most recent and complete view of our progress and upcoming plans in the product space, allowing you to plan ahead for upcoming launches and activity. 

We have worked hard to ensure this update reflects your feedback, including bringing forward our delivery of customer-requested features such as Multiple Primaries, and parking other ideas where you told us there was insufficient demand (e.g. Anywhere Workplace and SD-WAN)


You can find the updated roadmaps here:


We welcome your feedback 

As we’ve mentioned in previous updates (see 'related updates' below), we have moved from annual to more regular, iterative update of our roadmaps, whereby we publish revised versions roughly once a quarter. We are very interested in your feedback on the content and indicative timings of roadmap items. Having said that, we recognise that a full-scale consultation can be time-consuming and when run on an annual basis won’t necessarily align with the planning cycles of a modern and fast-paced business environment.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our roadmap with you at any time, and we’ll commit to incorporating any feedback we receive into our next update. If you’re keen to share your thoughts now or at any stage, please contact your Account Team or the key people below. 


Next steps

As always, there is more detail under the hood, and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss these with you further. We are particularly keen for your feedback on our next priorities. If you would like us to come and talk to you, please reach out to:  



For any queries please contact your Account Team, or Hamish, Nick, Darren or Matt