New Chorus Backhaul Connect product – Data Centre Connect launching in March

We’re pleased to announce a new product launching to the market in March 2021 as part of a new backhaul product portfolio - Chorus Data Centre Connect. 

Chorus Data Centre Connect transports traffic from an available data centre to a designated Chorus exchange. Connection can be further extended to another data centre by using other backhaul products.



Chorus Data Centre Connect is the first product in the new backhaul portfolio that we are developing. Chorus Data Centre Connect aims to give you a simple, fast and affordable backhaul solution to connect between data centres and exchanges. It is a lit product which will be available in either 10G or 100G options.

You can purchase this product from the available data centres, we’ll transport the traffic from the data centre to a Chorus designated exchange and hand the traffic back to your networks.

We are working on additional products in the new backhaul portfolio, which aim to provide improved connectivity to New Zealand’s urban and rural exchanges and data centres. We’re looking forward to announcing more details on the remaining products in the New Year.


Next steps

From March, Chorus Data Centre Connect will be available for self-order via the Chorus Portal or alternatively contact our Commercial Consulting team for a specific Chorus Customer Solution (CCS). A list of the available data centres and the designated exchanges will be published before then to facilitate this ordering process.

We will also publish a more detailed pack outlining system and operational changes that we need you to be aware of, as well as the EMMA (portal testing) and production dates.



If you have any questions about our Backhaul Connect portfolio, please talk to your Account Manager or Service Delivery Manager.