Improvements to the Connect & Replace order

We consulted with you in September on several ideas to improve intact orders. One improvement that was overwhelmingly supported was reducing the delay between the disconnect and connect orders that make up a Connect & Replace order.


The details

The delay between the disconnect and connect orders will be reduced to 1 hour, by changing the disconnect RFS to 1 hour prior to the connect date instead of 1 day. The earliest date able to be selected for connect orders will not change.

To allow this to consistently happen in the current Chorus activation window (6am to 9pm Monday to Sunday) the earliest time a Connect & Replace order can be scheduled will be 7am; this will allow for the disconnect to be completed at 6am.

After the change is made it will not be possible to reschedule the system generated disconnected order later that 8pm. This is to ensure that the connect order is no later than 9pm.


Next steps

These changes will NOT introduce any B2B schema changes but will be available in EMMA (portal testing environment) for RSP testing from 16 February 2021.

The changes will apply to new orders submitted from 27 March 2021. (PLUS in-flight Connect & Replace orders that are amended on or after 27 March).



For any queries please contact your Service Delivery Manager.