Network extension charges for Non-Building Access Points (NBAPs)

We’ll start charging to extend our UFB fibre network to new NBAPs from 1 October 2017. NBAPs are generally Wi-Fi poles, cabinets or footpath pits as opposed to premises where people live or work. This applies at locations that don’t have an existing copper connection.

We’ve been discussing this charging regime in the Product Forum for a while. It was most recently raised during May’s consultations on changes to UFB2's reference offer.

The new charging regime covers the extension of our UFB fibre network from the nearest appropriate duct or manhole, to new demand points that aren’t premises. Charges are in addition to the connection cost (typically one or two month’s rental, for GPON or point to point services respectively).

What’s changing

Starting 1 October 2017 we’ll start charging for network extensions associated with new NBAPs (in our UFB fibre areas). We'll still charge for those outside our UFB areas. You’ll now receive a quote based on time and materials, as per the rates in the existing reference offer. This aligns with proposals tabled with the industry, and uses rates in the reference offer’s price list. Note this is additional to the connection cost of one or two month’s rentals.

Once the fibre is at the NBAP’s boundary, the reference offer’s charges for cabling within private property and the NBAP applies.

Next steps

Please contact your service delivery manager if you have further questions.