Network Events Portal and API Launch in May

We’re pleased to announce that a Network Events Portal and a Network Events API will be launching on the 15th and 24th May respectively.

These tools will provide access to information on services that may be impacted by planned or unplanned events, the type or duration of the impact, the work being carried out, as well as progress updates during unplanned events and remediation activities.

Network Events Portal

The Network Events Portal will be accessible via the Chorus Service Provider website from the 15th May.

It is a User Interface that uses the Network Events API to arrange and display information for Chorus impacting planned and unplanned events.

  • Single point to access to all information relevant to you and your customers that is accessible to all with a log in to the site.
  • No emails to re-distribute or manual correlation of information required.
  • Information available to enhance your ability to be more efficient and pro-active in handling your inbound & outbound customer interactions related to faults and outages.
  • Search function, per service which will display all known planned or unplanned events that may impact the specific service.
  • Download your service impact files.
  • Download the related impacts when you lose a Hand over Link.
  • Captures all network alarmed outages, all planned network change and all 200+ pair copper cables outages.

Please contact your SDM for any Network Events Portal questions or queries. A user guide will be made available at the time of portal launch.

Network Events API

The Network Events API will offer the below GET commands to provide you with planned and unplanned events information including the type or duration of the impact, the work being carried out and progress updates during unplanned events and remediation activities.

  • GET Events – Provides details of your future planned, current and recent planned and unplanned events.
  • GET Impacts – Provides details of your services impacts by planned and unplanned events

When this API become available on 24th May you will also have access to

  • Full developer documentation
  • RAML
  • API Support

This information can be used to support your own internal operations as well as managing customers’ expectations. The API can also be integrated directly into your tools and systems to enable more efficient handling of customer transactions and your operational teams’ activities.

For any support or with any questions or queries about the Network Events API please contact Our API team are also available to spend time with you to answer any questions or help you learn more, just ask your Service Delivery Manager to arrange some time.