More details about the 10GPON trial

Following our announcement earlier in the month we are excited to share more information with you on the 10GPON trial.


What’s the detail

We are sharing two important documents with you today regarding the 10GPON trial:

  • An agreement for you to sign to be part of the trial
  • An infographic that explains the trial customer selection process and selection criteria

Given the limited number of trial connections available, it is important that you select customers who will get the most out of the trial to ensure we get feedback that enables us to shape our future 10GPON product.


Trial customers must be:

  • Part of Avondale, Birkenhead or Johnsonville exchange areas
  • Currently on NGA GPON with a Consumer Max 500 or SME Max 500 plan
  • Willing to provide feedback on 10GPON, how they have used it and what benefits they have seen; and
  • Do not require a voice line.


In addition, we recommend that you check that your customers have devices that are able to get the most out of the 10GPON trial, for example they support 802.11ac or have 10 Gbps interfaces.


Examples of customers who may benefit from 10GPON include:

  • Campuses or businesses with large numbers of users
  • SMEs or home businesses involved in creating and uploading high quality video or graphics content
  • Multi-site customers with need to exchange large quantities of data between sites
  • High end gamers or early adopters.

In order to support you, we propose the following bilateral approach:



One of the biggest challenges, and opportunity, that 10GPON introduces is the sheer speed of the connection, and how difficult it is for customers to observe that speed in practice. For example, during our lab trials our default speed meter was unable to cope with the speed of the service and we had to build a new one that was optimised for higher speeds. As part of the trial, we will work with you to help set and manage customer expectations so that they can get the best possible experience from 10GPON.


Please refer to the field trial agreement and service description for the 10GPON field trial specifications.

Next steps

We would like to invite you to sign the agreement and participate in the trial. Don’t miss this opportunity and talk to your account manager for a trial agreement.

To support you, we will provide a guide on 10GPON trial along with some FAQ’s early next year.

For all other queries please contact your account manager.