May Assurance website update

In April we sent an update on upcoming changes to the Assurance website and Line Test API that were scheduled for Monday 31 May 2021. We appreciate that you have been working towards being able to consume these changes.

Unfortunately, we’ve had to delay this release by 2 weeks due to an issue with another related system, the fibre network analyser. The new release date is Monday 14 June 2021.

Unfortunately, in resolving the Network Analyser issue, we will have to delete the stored historic network data. This remedial work is scheduled for 31 May and as a result the ONT status over time will be blank until the history has built up again. E.g. 3 days after the event there will be 3 days of data. The history will build up daily until it gets back to the maximum of 20 days.

Many thanks in advance for your support. Please get in touch with your Service Delivery Manager if you have any questions.