Managed Provisioning Charges

We are looking to change the way that we bill some Managed Provisioning charges to make them easier to understand. If you are not familiar with this product, Managed Provisioning gives you access to our project management and coordination expertise. This is ideal for complex and high value projects. 

Currently charges for managed provisioning services are shown on our invoice detail file under a dummy billing number that is used purely for the purpose of billing this one-off service. We understand that this can be difficult when reconciling your bill, especially on smaller individual projects, and challenging to make sure that the billing flows through to the right customer/job. 

To make this more user friendly, we are looking to use the ASID of the service that managed provisioning was used for, as well as using clear descriptions like “Managed Provisioning Service Fee”. This way you will be able to easily identify which ASID this service was applied to and can easily and accurately pass these charges on to your customers should you wish to. 

Managed Provisioning charges will be added in Portal when we submit the orders and will flow through to billing under these new descriptions. 

In larger projects where you would prefer that we bill as a single amount, we can still do that. Just let us know at the beginning of the project and we’ll make sure that this is billed in the way that best works for you. 

We intend to make this change in February 2022. This means that you can expect managed Provisioning charges to reflect this change from that invoice. 

Please reach out to your account team if you have any questions or concerns on this.