Launching resilient Baseband IP 1Gb commercial handover solution

What’s changing

In the event of a handover connection interruption on your Baseband IP traffic, it will automatically utilise your second handover and minimise significantly the impact on your customers.

The new Resilient Baseband IP Handover will enable you to manage such event by implementing an IP layer redundancy protocol such as “Virtual router redundancy protocol” (VRRP) or “Hot standby router protocol” (HSRP).

To make this option accessible, we will build a Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) for every customer.

Standard handover connection monthly and install charges will apply for the resilient handover.

Commercial handover services rental:

Commercial handover service rental

Commercial handover services transaction and ancillary:

Commercial Handover Services Transaction and Ancillary

The Baseband IP Voice Handover interface specification has been updated to include the new resilient option.



You will find all the details of the resilient Baseband IP handover on this page .

On-boarding templates are available below. 


Next steps

To start ordering, complete a feasibility request in Wireline.

  • For new customers, you will need to complete two handover links feasibility requests, stating that they are to be resilient, identifying which is the primary and the secondary.
  • For existing customers, you will need to complete a new handover feasibility request, stating that it is to be a resilient secondary to an existing primary.

You will also need to complete the on-boarding template to enable correct configuration of handovers for resiliency.

For any support, just ask your Service Delivery Manager.