Introducing the Chorus new billing platform

Our new billing platform will go live in February 2019.

We have been talking to you individually and via industry updates since 2016 and are now working hard to ensure that we carefully manage your migration onto the new platform. The migration process will commence from February 2019 and run until May 2019. We’ll collaborate with you to ensure that the transition is smooth and effective.


The billing outputs you’ll receive from us will have a new look and a new delivery mechanism. We’ll also be introducing a new billing disputes and enquiries website to help streamline our engagement with you.

Supporting details

  • The new billing outputs will be separated by Chorus & Agency (Spark) products. We anticipate you will find the new outputs are timely, accurate, and will be easy to understand and to reconcile.
  • Our file delivery mechanism will change, along with the way you raise billing enquiries  with us.
  • The bill runs and product rental periods will remain consistent between the legacy system and the new billing system. Current billing accounts will be consolidated where possible in the new billing system following consultation with you.
  • New billing customer numbers and billing account numbers will be provided during transition onto our new billing platform.
  • The provisioning of services is not changing and is not impacted by the introduction of the new billing platform.

Contact us

Our project team have been in contact with you to prepare together for the transition. If you have not heard from us please contact our project team on