Introducing Chorus Data Centre Connect and Chorus Relay Connect Services

We are excited to announce the launch of Chorus Data Centre Connect (CDC) and Chorus Relay Connect (CRC) services. 

With the demand for video and cloud-based services growing rapidly, enterprise customers are looking for secure, high speed and reliable data transport solutions.

Chorus Data Centre Connect will give you the ability to transport traffic from a selected data centre to a designated Chorus exchange. From there, the connection can be further extended to another data centre by using Chorus Relay Connect or another backhaul product. 

Chorus Relay Connect transports traffic between Points of Interconnection and First Data Switches (for carrying copper traffic only) between two UFB Candidate Areas. It is a product you can use to build your national transport network connecting all of your Points of Interconnection.  


Available to order from 5 May 2021

From 5 May 2021 you will be able to order Chorus Data Centre Connect or Chorus Relay Connect by contacting our Commercial Consulting team for a specific Chorus Customer Solution (CCS).   


The details 

Chorus Data Centre Connect Service and Chorus Relay Connect together aim to give you a simple, fast and affordable data transport solution to connect between data centres and exchanges. Both products will be available in 10G or 100G options.


Coverage Lists 

The first Data Centres where you will be able to purchase Chorus Data Centre Connect from are as follows: 


Data Centre

Deployment Date

DTS Upper Hutt

May 2021

AT&T Tower Wellington DTS POI

May 2021

Data Centre 220 Auckland

May 2021

Datacom Orbit Auckland

May 2021

Datacom Kapua Hamilton

May 2021

Datacom Abel Smith Wellington

Mid - Late 2021

Datacom Gloucester Christchurch

Mid - Late 2021

 *Dates are indicative only.

CDC is subject to industry endorsement and CIP approval. 

See resources below for the Chorus Relay Connect coverage list. 



Prices for both CDC and CRC will include 12, 24 and 36-month term discounts together with Open Term available. The new services together provide you with improved pricing and is designed to support you in taking new backhaul links to deliver improved capacity and performance on your network.  


Next steps

From 5 May 2021, Chorus Data Centre Connect and Chorus Relay Connect will be available for provisioning. If you want to find out more or want to know how to order, contact your Account Manager or our Commercial Consulting team.  

More information about Chorus Data Centre Connect can be found on the service provider website. We'll be publishing our Chorus Relay Connect webpage soon so watch this space.