Chorus Data Centre Connect provides a simple, reliable and high-speed, DCI solution for data centers to interconnect with each other via Chorus’ extensive network.

Chorus Data Centre Connect brings our network closer to you with installation of high-performance optical transport equipment inside data centres. You can purchase either a 10G or 100G connection to take the traffic back to a designated Chorus exchange and onto your nominated footprints. This is an essential building block to creating a complete DCI solution. 

Chorus Data Centre Connect is available at:

DTSUH DTS Upper Hutt DTS Upper Hutt May 2021
DTSAT AT&T Tower Wellington DTS POI AT&T Tower Wellington DTS POI May 2021
DC220 Data Centre 220 Auckland Data Centre 220 Auckland May 2021
DOMNS Datacom Orbit Auckland Datacom Orbit Auckland May 2021
DOMHA Datacom Kapua Hamilton Datacom Kapua Hamilton May 2021
DOMWL Datacom Abel Smith Wellington Datacom Abel Smith Wellington Mid - Late 2021
DOMCH Datacom Gloucester Christchurch Datacom Gloucester Christchurch Mid - Late 2021


Experience the benefits of Data Centre Connect 

The demand for Cloud and content services is growing exponentially and it’s essential we have the infrastructure and networks to cope. The arrival of hyperscale data centres is one thing but equally important is the need for robust interconnectivity across the whole data centre ecosystem. Our new DCI solution, Data Centre Connect, allows data centres to extend their reach with a low latency, high bandwidth connectivity solution that sits at the heart of the Chorus fibre network.



Benefits for data centres

  • Quick and easy connection: Chorus pre-installs the node; you come and connect; we configure the connection for you resulting in reduced provisioning lead time.
  • Low overheads: We take care of the equipment and maintenance costs; you pay per connection.
  • Protection: Diversity path is carefully designed and built in advance to ensure maximum protection is provided.
  • Flexibility: We can get you to anywhere on the Chorus fibre network.
  • Certainty: We have Chorus equipment in the data centres, so adding more links as you grow is a breeze.


Cost effective
Nice and simple

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Chorus Data Centre Connect and Chorus Relay Connect are now available to order


Introducing Chorus Data Centre Connect and Chorus Relay Connect Services