Help us improve the fibre in-home experience

Customer research tells us that Wi-Fi issues are the single biggest driver of customer support calls to Service Providers leading to increased cost and churn. 

We know several Service Providers have improved customer in-home experience by providing high end routers, mesh units and/or enhanced onboarding services. We would like to explore ways in which we could help and enable more households to enjoy a world-class broadband service.  

There are many ways we could potentially help improve the in-home experience including (but not limited to): 

  • Supplying/upgrading CPE (routers/mesh units) for either legacy or new connections; 
  • Providing expert tech support (phone or onsite); 
  • Provide incentives to Service Providers who self-provide any of the above; and/or 
  • Subsidising ONT relocations. 

To understand how we could best help we would like to partner with interested Service Providers to:

  • Hear your insight on key drivers and potential solutions; 
  • Understand how we (as an industry) identify customers who need extra support; 
  • Discuss the role you would like to see Chorus play in the solution; and 
  • If there is support, co-design a live trial which allows all parties to understand the value add for customer, Service Provider and Chorus. 

Please register your interest with Neeraj Agarwal by 31 July 2022 if you would like to participate.